Organic Cleaning

Green Pro Restoration is proud to be one of the first green and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning companies. Using top of the line equipment, we're able to achieve superior results while using non-toxic cleaning agents. Contaminants and germs are thoroughly eliminated and the impact on the environment is minimal.

Conventional cleaning products create a toxic environment that can cause various respiratory illnesses. In fact, toxic chemicals from these products can be released into the area for months after service, which aggravate existing conditions, such as, bronchitis, asthma, and sinusitis. Going 'green' isn't just important for the environment, but also for the health of your children and pets. They generally play closer to the floor and stir up the toxic chemicals that have settled in carpets.

We're proud to offer organic cleaning products that are free of harsh chemicals, such as chlorine, xylen, butyl, styrene, benzene, formaldehyde & toluene. These products have been tested and approved for safe use around children, pets and in commercial environments, as well. None of our products are tested on animals.

  • 24 Hour Water Damage Response Team.
  • Eco friendly antimicrobial treatments and cleaning solutions.
  • Hi-Tech state of the art equipment
  • Mold, Mildew and Odor Control.
  • Eco drying and dehumidifying.
  • Assessment and Recommendations.
  • Direct Insurance Billing.